Q: I don't have a team, can I still sign-up?
A: Absolutely. We encourage people to sign-up and we will do our best to place you with a team or create a new "club" team made up of free agents like yourself. Just register as a "free agent" when you sign-up.

Q: Do I have to pay before the league starts?
A: Yes you do. We can't place anyone on a team who hasn't paid and priority is given to those who are when we create a new team. For the most part all leagues require a nominal fee. 

Q: What if I don't get placed on a team?
A: We try our very best to place all free agents on teams. Most leagues require a coed ratio that needs to be met, so please be open that not everyone will get placed. We need to have a minimum amount of women registered to start new teams.

Q: What level of play are these leagues?
A: Each league has different level of players. We strive to provide a fun organized league play for anyone. With that being said, some leagues have generated some competitive teams and are designated as such. Just make sure you check the level of play listed on each league page.

Q: I have a couple of friends but not enough for a team, what do I do?
A: We recommend starting your own team and picking up free agents. You can do that through the league page once you register your team. Just click on the "Players" link on the right side and you can sort for free agents. We would just do the same thing for you, so you can let us know you need them and we'll place them on the team too.

Q: Can you team me with only hot chics or guys? 
A: Sorry, this isn’t Match.com or adultfriendfinder.com. Beauty is on the inside...jerk.

Q. You guys run a solid league. Any chance you can help me run my company tournament or league, or help me put on or promote a sports or leisure event?
A: Sometimes. Why spend your time trying to learn out how to run a Volleyball tournament when we have been doing them for years? Why spend your energy and resources starting a flag league for your corporation when we've already got everything you need? Just email us and we'll discuss the scope and size of your upcoming league or tournament. But no promises…


Q: When can I see a schedule for my league?
A: Generally we do a schedule for the first week of the league about 5-7 days prior to the start date. After the first day of the league, we’ll put together and post a schedule for the full season. 

Q: Why the two separate schedule release dates? 
A: We do the first week before the rest for a few reasons. 

1. Schedule requests: Doing it this way gives teams a little longer to put in requests for the schedule.
2. Competitive Balance: Doing it after the first week gives us the chance to gauge the skill level of all the teams so that we can schedule them more competitively.
3. Adding Teams: Waiting on the full season schedule gives teams the chance to sign up a little late. By only scheduling the 1st week, we can add them without going back and changing all of your game times to accommodate them. 

Q: Can I send in schedule requests? 
A: Sure! If there’s a specific time that is tougher for your team to make, send us an email and let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate it whenever possible. Please keep in mind though that your team probably isn’t the only team with that same request, so it may not always be possible. Also, once the playoffs come around, schedule requests become harder to accommodate. 

Q: Crap, I forgot to send in my schedule request and the full season schedule is posted….can you bail me out?
A: Sometimes. Send us an email and let us know what you need and we’ll look into it. In general it’s easier to move one game time than multiple ones, but not even that is guaranteed. 

Q: Our friends are on another team, can you make sure you schedule us against them? 
A: Of course! Let us know about it before the season and we’ll make it happen. 

Q: We can’t make a certain week at all, can we just get a bye week and make up that game later? 
A; Sometimes. Generally if a league fills up a make-up is not possible as our field space is maxed out. 

Q: What holidays do you skip? 
A: Due to field time constraints, we can’t skip every day that is considered a holiday. 

We’ll always skip – New Years, Presidents Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas 

We never skip – Martin Luther King Day, St Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day 

We sometimes skip – Mother’s Day, (some leagues may have to play on Mother’s Day due to available field time), SuperBowl Sunday

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